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What's hot - Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

Cubic zirconia often gets a bad rap. However, here at Snap 'n Zip we recommend it for many people over diamonds and other precious stones. Cubic zirconia has all of the attractive qualities of rare stones without the horribly inflated price tag. Most importantly, we believe that purchasing cubic zirconia alternatives over diamonds and precious stones is the ethical, correct thing to do. Diamond and precious stone mining leads to a multitude of environmental and political problems. In fact, if most shoppers knew the human cost and suffering behind each diamond that they purchase, they would switch to cubic zirconia in a heartbeat.

One of the biggest misconceptions about cubic zirconia jewelry is that it looks cheap or inauthentic. However, we offer J Goodin and Emitations CZ jewelry made only with clear, brilliant stones in an expert setting.  They primarily use gold or rhodium plating and the stones are precisely cut to ensure that they will not look like anything but the best. Snap 'n Zip products shimmer and sparkle and will dazzle everyone even better than real diamonds or precious stones.

Among our products you can find fine fashion jewelry for any occasion. From whimsical, youthful designs to more elegant pieces suitable for any occasion, our fine fashion CZ jewelry is guaranteed to make you happy and to leave you satisfied. With a wide variety of fashion jewelry designs available on, we guarantee that you will find what you want without having to go bankrupt. Our great customer service and affordable prices will also make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. Some of our most popular items include:

  • The fashion princess ring. This CZ ring shines and dazzles with a beautiful center stone in a princess cut. This stone is surrounded by beautiful round stones that highlight it and catch the light in tantalizing ways. The fashion princess ring's silver hue is designed to make everyone who sees it melt.
  • The peridot paradise ring. This ring uses white gold rhodium bond to create a beautiful silver hue that is long lasting and beautiful to admire. With an advanced electroplating process that coats this ring with heavy rhodium (similar to platinum), the peridot paradise ring features a beautiful eight carat peridot on a simple, but eyecatching design. This ring shouts out "Look at me!, I am beautiful!"
  • The blue lagoon ring. True to its name, the blue lagoon ring has a beautiful turquoise hue that has an unprecedented depth. This CZ stone is appropriate for both a fun a occasion or a more elegant event. It features an aquamarine solitaire in a princess cut that is eyecatching and playful at the same time.
  • The silver cubic zirconia star of David pendant. What better way to proclaim your faith than with this beautiful design? The silver CZ star of David pendant can be used for any gathering and stands on its own as an important fashion accessory. This pendant also uses white gold rhodium electroplating to create a piece of fine jewelry that is coated with heavy layers of beautiful gold. This piece is stately while at the same time serving as a personal statement of your beliefs.

With over a few hundred unique and original J Goodin and Emitations designs at the Snap 'n Zip store, the above four items and many more are available for instant online purchase at our website. We guarantee that you will love your new fashion accessories. To back that up, we offer a thirty day, no hassle return policy.


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