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Stay Warm and Stylish with This Year's Hottest Winter Trends

This winter has already been one of the coldest in recent memory, and unfortunately, it's far from over. Despite the frigid, freezing weather, having high quality cold weather gear can ensure you stay nice and toasty. The only problem is that much of the warm hats, scarves and gloves on the market completely ignore style and only focus on warmth, leaving a lot of people feeling kind of silly wearing them.

Luckily, there are a number of designer brands that focus on both of these important qualities, producing products that manage to be stylish, high quality, long lasting, and of course, keep you warm all at the same time. No longer do you have to suffer from cheap looking or feeling gloves or ones that would look better on a guy. Why not go for the comfort, warmth and style of a fashionable wraparound scarf?

A knit hat is a must to keep your ears warm and prevent all of your heat escaping out through your head. The Michael Kors knit beanie, made in vibrant blue or red, is one of this year's hottest, while the Michael Kors logo knit hat is available in five different colors, allowing you to pick one that's the same color as your favorite jacket. Of course, you could always pick up a few so you can always have a warm hat that matches, no matter what you're wearing.

On the other hand, you might want to consider going with a knit hat and scarf combo set such as the beautiful set from Coach. This set comes in a trendy black and grey pattern, allowing it to go with almost anything. Scarves are both functional and stylish, and any winter weather wardrobe should have at least a few to choose from, so why stop at just one?

Finally, what winter outfit can be complete without gloves? Whether you're looking for knit, leather, or want the extra warmth and comfort of quilted leather, Michael Kors has got you covered with a variety of fashionable and classy options. Or, for something a bit more hip, check out the cool Juicy Couture graffiti gloves, available in purple or ivory and sure to match any style.

At the end of the day, staying warm during these cold winter months doesn't mean you have to sacrifice looking good. So check out some of these hot winter accessories to look and feel your best all season long.

(written by our professional writing team)

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