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Blog posts of '2013' 'February'

La Verne Alumni Business Networking Directory

Having a backlink on an .edu site will get you a bit of link juice, so I heard.

Registered users

Quite a few people have registered on this site, but we have yet a solid plan in place to do something about it.  Our marketing strategy is really subpar....

scarves coming soon

External online market sales

Sales on Amazon have been strong since the Christmas season of last year.  Thanks for all the encouragement, near and far, blatantly or silently:). sales slipped somehow - planning to bail out very soon, to save some quarterly fees.


soldout feature is done, not too bad ...maybe will work on styling it next, like overlaying it on the image

new feature for website

Ummm....working on something that seems trivial but tough problem due to the way the model is designed:  show "sold out" status on product list to avoid un-neccessary click through on a product image where the product is out of stock