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Blog posts of '2012' 'June'

More products are coming soon!

We're in the process of switching to a new web hosting solution so all product import activities are temporarily stopped. After a successful re-deployment of the website, we're planning to add a lot more gemstone jewelry from J Goodin (about a few hundred new designs), and a fresh water cultured pearl jewelry line. Thanks for your patience.


Page Rank downgraded to 0, how sad

We're so new. launched just 2 months ago. We had a Google PR of 1 for the first month, thanks to all the hard work on SEO put in. It is June 1st 2012 and PR is at 0. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that we changed web hosting providers so frequently (2 times now): re-deployments of the site generated new data, at the same time caused stale links on shopping engines or web directories that are linking to us. I'm anticipating yet another hosting provider switch after so much downtime experienced so far, and all those support calls ....grrrrrr. Hope to find a stable home before other important parts of the business can be taken care of.