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Phone issues resolved

Our phone line has had issues since 12/2015.  It has been brought back online today.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Nail Diary - June

Shellac junky sparkles on pink, done at Stop 4 Nails, Factoria, WA

Nail Diary - April

Done at (Stop4Nails Factoria WA) 4/18/2015: Shellac

Nail Diary - March

Done at (Stop4Nails Factoria WA) 3/21/2015:  Shellac with floral design by manicurist Ly.

international return policy

We are updating our international return policy. is now an Isobella & Chloe's retailer

Searchable by zip code "98272" or city "Monroe, WA".  Please note is an online boutique only.  The address from store locator result is a mailing address.
Isobella & Chloe

Sale associates in Michael Kors store, Tulalip, WA

We have a very good relationship with these people.
Michael Kors store sale associate
This dress will be available here very soon:
Michael Kors store sale associate

Gucci Fall 2014 Fashion Show

While we're working on getting a model for the webstore, let's look at the Gucci Fall 2014 Fashion Show.  Lots of sleek handbags.

gucci fall 2014 fashion show gucci fall 2014 fashion show gucci fall 2014 fashion show gucci fall 2014 fashion show gucci fall 2014 fashion show gucci fall 2014 fashion show gucci fall 2014 fashion show gucci fall 2014 fashion show
Gucci Fall 2014 Fashion Show
How about a Lookbook?

So some people commented that this website lacked a human element.  We are thinking about adding a lookbook with a model wearing our products, how's that?  In the mean time, let's  What is blogging anyway?  From  A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world. A place to share your thoughts and your passions. Really, it’s anything you want it to be.  While I, Vivian, the site owner is no blogger, no writer and hate to write anything but code (aka programming), my blogs are usually composed of one sentence, today I can definitely write about today's chores.

-Got up at 8AM, prepared breakfast for the kiddies.
-8:30AM:  packaged some packages from Amazon for shipping Monday
-9AM:  fixed an issue in the Stripe payment plugin that I offer for free here:  The issue was that it only worked for USD.  I wasn't aware of this issue until a user (maybe from Europe) pinged me and said he wanted it to work for any currency.  He said if I could get it fixed within a week or two he'd offer a small donation.  I don't need his donation btw.  Okay so today, which is a week later the fix went in, awaiting more user testing and feedback.  Once it gets a certain number  of downloads without further complaints, I will probably enhance it and charge a small fee.
-10AM:  product inventory upload, this is always boring and time consuming
-12PM:  laundry, apartment cleanup, and lunch
-1PM:  merchandise hunting, the never ending process
-1:30PM:  contacting someone about social media management.  We have been with a lead about this on and off.  We really really need someone to take care of our social media presence

A major site upgrade is coming!

We're aiming at improving overall site performance, as well as better look and feel.