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About Us

Snap 'n Zip is a 5 year old online boutique selling authentic contemporary designer handbags/purses and other fashion accessories at affordable price points. Our mission is to serve the fashion forward but cost concious consumers; our brand products are 100% authentic, on-trend and carefully selected from direct distributors or major establishments (thus they have a very limited quantity). Our brand list includes some of the most compelling designers on the scene and our inventory is organically growing. Being a small retailer eager to build strong business reputation, we're undoubtedly striving for a 5 star rating profile and 100% customer satisfaction. Consider us your personal shopper who will work hard to get you the most luxury and style savings possible. Enjoy our 30 day no hassle return policy and shop with confidence.

Reaching out in the Community

We're looking for a charity organization who will take a portion of our sale proceeds (from all channels) and in turn spread the word about Snap 'n Zip in their network. Send your inquiry to